My Name is Todd Kassal

No, I am not a household name. I am not the actor in one of your favorite movies or the basketball player who makes the basket at the last second, instead, I am just Todd Kassal, a humble stockbroker from Miami who decided to make a difference.

A man with a day job who became more

Yes, I am just a regular guy who wakes up and works from 9-5 as a stockbroker in one Miami’s finest financial agencies. Sure, I make a decent amount of money but there often comes a time in a person’s life where money isn’t everything.

I became humbled one day when I found out that hurricane Katrina was coming to take my house. Then I went from Todd Kassel the stockbroker to Todd Kassal the survivor. When the storm subsided, I had nothing but my family by my side.

Todd Kassal saves the day

After I finally recovered from Katrina, I went back to my day to day life. Then, after some time had passed, we got wind that another storm was on the horizon and that was Hurricane Harvey.

It hit without warning and soon almost my entire town was under water. When it started, I immediately jumped into my swamp buggy truck and drove around town to see how everyone was making out. It was not looking good.

That’s when I decided that I needed to help so I went home and started gathering all the food and water that I could find and went back out on the road to help as many people as I could find. All in all, I ended up saving about 200 people from certain doom.

Hurricane’s are no laughing matter. if you want to learn more about just how dangerous hurricanes can then check out my exciting hurricane facts page.